Initially, It is a course that designed for those who are interested in learning how to program in 42 network way. But does not have enough time to attend C-piscine.

How long does it take?

Since most of discovery pisciners recently are high school or university students, there are two types of period

  • 10 days – full time during school’s holiday
  • 14 days – discovery pisciners have to manage time after work or class to do the exercises and projects

Discovery Piscine type

Junior High School Students (10 days)

– M1- M3 or Equivalent
– When: During summer holiday only

Senior High School Students (10 days)

– M4 – M6 or Equivalent
– When: Every school holidays

KMITL students

– 1 per semester,
– When: approx. week 2nd – week 3rd of KMITL academic Calendar

University students and public

Depends on the 42 calendar each year. Follow our page.

Special Discovery Piscine


What to achieve : Everyone

Certificate of Completion

– Have to pass all required exercises in our holygraph.
– Have to attempt and pass rush project evaluation.

Certificate of Participation

Pass the first three exercises (by request)