Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about 42.

Q1: Do I have to know how to code to join 42?

A1: No, not at all! It is not necessary to have any knowledge in programming to join and succeed at 42.

Q2: What are the age requirements for attending 42?

A2: We accept people aged 18 and up to join our program.

Q3: What are the steps or processes to be a student of 42?

A3: You must apply online first, then do an online test to know whether you are familiar or have a sense of coding. Next, you have to check-in to be divided into a Piscine group. For the Piscine process, you will be trained and tested to be selected as our final students.

Q4: Does 42 deliver a Bachelor’s Degree or another type of diploma?

A4: 42 does not grant degrees or diplomas. Our program is based on the levels of experience that you earn with a project. We deliver a certificate of completion at the end of our program. The experience and skills that you acquire while studying at 42 are essential for technical job interviews, and 42 has a strong reputation and connections to industry.

Q5: Will the school offer any online courses?

A5: No, we believe that our system works better if you are physically present to interact with other students. We call it peer-to-peer learning, but if you really want to learn on your own, there are many online options!

Q6: What kind of courses does 42 offer?

A6: There are no courses and no professors at 42. Students are actively learning by completing a variety of projects.

Q7: If I have other obligations during the program, can I still participate in the Piscine?

A7: Small appointments are not a problem, however commitments that will take up most of your day will be very difficult to accommodate. If you cannot commit to a full 4 weeks at this time, you can always register for a later date.

Q8: If I successfully pass the “Piscine”, when does the school year start?

A8: The school year will start in October 2020.

Q9: How do I know if I have been admitted to 42 after the Piscine?

A9: After completing the Piscine, you will be informed of your admission status by email within 15 days.

Q10: After the Piscine, how many hours should I expect to come to the campus?

A10: It is up to you to organize yourself and your schedule, but you should expect to spend most of your week at the school.

Q11: I live far away from KMITL. Am I obligated to come to the 42 Bangkok campus to study in person?

A11: Yes, the 42 program must be completed in person at the 42 Bangkok campus. Developing soft skills, peer learning, and peer correcting are central to our learning philosophy, so you need to be here in person.

Q12: How many places are available each year?

A12: About 500 candidates are selected to participate in the Piscine. After this step, students who have successfully passed the Piscine can enroll at 42 and start their studies. We have around 150 workstations for the time being, but we want the best. That could be less than the number of workstations that we have or more, it all depends on how many students we can find who can adapt to our particular pedagogy and work hard.

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