Together with our partners, we are striving to make 42 Bangkok a place for IT education like no other in Thailand.

Leader in the development of agricultural information technology (Agri-Tech)

Axons aim to create a Digital Platform for the production and distribution of food. To elevate the work standards of farmers, customers, and partners to grow together sustainably. Create new standards for better living delivering confidence through “Quality food” from the kitchen of the world which can be traced back every step of the way for better health and quality of life for everyone


From a service provider of data backup center during Vietnam War, CDG Group has become a professional service provider of integrated and comprehensive total IT solutions in Thailand. We have been serving leading organizations – from public sector, state-enterprises, to large corporations in private sector. CDG Group has gained trust from our customers for more than 50 years for our commitments to crack their business challenges with wide range of services including IT consulting, system design and development, hardware and software supplies, applications to fulfill customers’ requirements in all forms, IT training, as well as after-sale services and maintenance.


Kito established since 1992 more than 30 years. Kito have many kinds of footwear ; slippers, sandals, fashion shoes, sneakers, sport shoes, flipflops, school shoe and kids slippers which was made from Thai’s people and made in Thailand. We attach great importance to design. Not just chic style but stunned. “Kito” is long established Thai footwear brand but always looks modern.

ONE OF THE most popular Thai retailers

To establish itself apart from competitors, CJ MORE would launch a new business in 2020 under the theme “More Than Anyone, More Than a Supermarket.” Being more than simply a supermarket and convenience store to fulfill all of the consumers’ needs and differentiate from other peers in the same market with our strong store brands such as Nine Beauty, Bao Cafe, Uno, and A-Home. The firm is moving forward and growing its own retail brand to better serve its consumer groups, with the goal of becoming a public company in the future.