@ 42 Bangkok

Conditions for Signing Up

The only condition that we have set is that each candidate must be at least 18 years old. We recommend all candidates who just became adults and are still in school, to complete their high school education rather than giving up everything to apply to 42 Bangkok. While the school accepts students without any degree requirements, we would not suggest you drop out from school.

  • Online TestsYour admission to 42 Bangkok starts by registering with your email address and following the procedures using a desktop computer that is updated on a regular basis. From there, you will undergo logic and memory tests to make sure that you have the required skills to join us.
  • Checking-InOnce you have passed the online tests, come check-in at the premises of 42 Bangkok. Checking-In is a key step that no one can do on your behalf. You must complete it before selecting a piscine, regardless of your situation.
  • The PiscineThe "Piscine" is a 4-week engagement in the coding realm. Every day, weekends included, for a month, you will be working on projects, getting to know other candidates, submitting and evaluating projects. The “Piscine” program is like a chance to open a new door to IT knowledge. The only requirement… is to know how to use a computer. There will be two piscine sessions in 2020; One in October, and one in November.